Monday, February 17, 2020

Presidents Day 2020

Calvin Coolidge A.K.A. The Sphinx of the Potomac or Silent Cal, became president upon the death of Warren G. Harding*. He is known for restoring trust in the presidency as the many scandals caused by the unethical dealings of Harding and his inner circle came to light. Although his reputation as a man of few words comes from the numerous parties he had to attend as vice president, he is quoted as saying "The words of a president have enormous weight, and ought not to be used indiscriminately."

President Coolidge was a snappy dresser, as well. He preferred big hats and double-breasted suits. Taking this year's photo was a good chance to take advantage of a boldly-printed vintage tie and a rarely-used chapeau. This year I also enlisted my barber's help in achieving the Calvin Coolidge look. 
This is a presidential look I can only dream of pulling off.

In learning more about our 30th president, I came across a number of interesting facts and amusing photos. Some of the best are collected in the Thrillist article "Calvin Coolidge: Best President Ever"

If you're new to my Presidents' Day tradition (or just can't get enough of it), check out photos from past years.
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*My Warren G. Harding photo will require a live elephant. If you have access to one, please contact me immediately.