Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tweetchat triumph

Tonight I followed two edchats simultaneously. I joined #WeirdEd talking about "The Whole Wide World" and #NDedchat discussing "Connections" It was my first attempt at dual chatting and I had a bit of beginners' luck! This is my Tweetchat Triumph:

What made this so great? It answered the second question from #WeirdEd

and #NDedchat AT THE SAME TIME!

I was feeling pretty good after that one! However, all that awesome broke the Interwebs. I lost my connection to the world wide web about ten minutes later and missed the end of both chats.


  1. I would like to try Mystery Skype this year. I think connecting with classes from other states would be interesting for my students learning about US Geography & Regions. I've tried to participate in two chats at once - it's crazy! I usually end up just "watching" one and participating in the other one more.

    1. Mystery Skype really helped my students apply geography vocabulary and built their questioning skills. I'm hoping to get more teachers from my school to try it this next year. Maybe we can set up one between our schools.