Student Blogging Resources

Student Blogging Resources

"Write Locally, Share Globally"

Bryan Book Blog my students' blog (Kidblog)

Favorite Student Blogs


Room 122 1st Grade (Kidblog)
Ms. Cassidy's Classroom Blog 1st Grade with right column link to student blogs (Edublogs)
Mrs. DeGroot's Blog 1st Grade (Easyblog)
K1's Class Blog Mixed Kindergarten/1st class from Montana - posts from 15/16 school year (Easyblog)


Room 26 Ranchers 3rd Grade with right column link to student blogs "Blogs We Follow From Room 26" (Edublogs)
Mr. Geiman's Language Arts Class 4th Grade with right column link to student blogs (Edublogs)
Year 5 Blog is active in summer (Blogger)
Mrs. Lifshitz's Class 5th Grade (Kidblog)
6Mc 6th Grade (Kidblog)

Middle School/Junior High

Mrs. Raikes's Class 7th Grade English (Kidblog)

Mixed Grade Level/Subject

Write About - Recent Posts Use the filters on the right to find different grade levels (Write About)

Resources for Student Bloggers

Photos for Class Search engine for Creative Commons licensed images. Chosen images are automatically marked with a citation.
Discovery Education Clipart Gallery Credit Mark A. Hicks, illustrator
Shadow Puppet EDU iPad app for creating narrated slideshows that can be posted on blogs. In-app image search pulls from Public Domain and Creative Commons licensed images and automatically creates citations.

Resources for Teachers

Cybrary Man's Blogging Page Links to many resources
Blogging as Writing Curriculum by Susan Lucille Davis
Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge Weekly blogging assignments to share with students

Why should students blog?

Blogging to Enhance the Classroom Experience by Christine Schmitt (.pdf download)

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